How do you politely reject a discount request?

There are a few reasons why someone might politely reject a discount request. Maybe the item is already priced very low and the store is not able to offer any additional discounts. Or, the customer may not be eligible for the discount. For example, some discounts are only available to students or seniors. Here are few extra reasons to reject a discount request:

  • Because the item is already on sale.
  • Because the customer does not have a valid coupon.
  • Because the store is not running any sales or promotions at the moment.
  • Because the customer does not meet the minimum purchase requirements for the discount.
  • Because the discount would put the store below its cost of the item.
  • Because the item is a final sale item and cannot be discounted.
  • Because the customer is requesting a discount on an item that is already deeply discounted.
  • Because the customer is requesting a discount on an item that is already at its lowest price point.
  • Because providing the requested discount would violate store policy.
  • Because giving in to the customer's request would set a precedent that other customers would expect and demand as well

Reply to customer asking for discount messages examples:

  • We want to ensure that our customers are getting the best quality products and services possible, and discounts could compromise that.
  • Our prices are already very competitive, and we don't want to undercut ourselves. Discounts could encourage customers to only purchase from us when there's a sale, which isn't sustainable for our business.
  • We want to maintain our brand image and discounts could make us seem "cheap." Offering discounts could erode our profits and make it difficult to stay in business. Discounts could send the wrong message to our employees, who work hard to deliver quality products and services.
  • We don't want to get into the habit of offering discounts, as it could become expected and customers could hold out for a sale before making a purchase.
  • Offering discounts could create customer loyalty issues, as people could become accustomed to getting a discount and be less likely to purchase from us if they don't receive one.
  • We want to avoid the appearance of being a "discount store," as that could damage our reputation.
  • We don't want to give the impression that our products are overpriced, as that could deter customers from doing business with us.
  • Offering discounts could lead to customer complaints and requests for additional discounts, which would be time-consuming and frustrating to deal with.
  • We want to avoid the hassle and expense of offering discounts, as it could require additional staff or resources.