Thank you for your business partnership proposal

A "Thank you for your business partnership proposal" message is a formal thank you message sent after receiving a business partnership proposal.

  • We are excited to receive your proposal and will carefully review it to determine if there is a potential match between our companies.
  • Thank you for thinking of us as you develop your plans for expanding your business. We will give your proposal our full attention and let you know as soon as possible if we are interested in pursuing a partnership.
  • Your company's reputation is excellent, and we would be proud to enter into a business partnership with you. We will thoroughly review your proposal and get back to you promptly with our decision.
  • We receive many proposals each month and unfortunately can't pursue them all. However, we will give your proposal the time and attention it deserves, and hope to be able to work together in the future even if this particular venture doesn't work out.
  • Your proposal has intrigued us, and we would like to learn more about what you have in mind. Please provide additional information about your idea, including estimated costs, timelines, etc., so that we can make an informed decision about whether or not to pursue a partnership at this time.
  • After careful consideration of your proposal, we have decided not to move forward with a business partnership at this time but wish to thank you for bringing it to our attention nonetheless; perhaps there will be opportunities for us to work together in the future as our businesses evolve.