Replies to conflict (apologies)

Replies to conflict (apologies) are sent when an individual has apologised for their part in a conflict. They are sent to acknowledge the apology and to thank the individual for their candour.

Here are some example replies to conflict (apologies) messages:

  • I'm sorry for what I said. I was wrong and I want to make things right.
  • I understand that you're upset, and I'm sorry for my part in this. Let's talk about how we can resolve this.
  • I can see that we're both upset. Maybe we can take a break and come back to this later.
  • It sounds like you feel like I'm not listening to you. I'm sorry, I really am trying to understand. Can you help me by explaining it again?
  • You're right, I was wrong. I'm sorry.
  • Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I had no intention of causing you any discomfort. I'm truly sorry.
  • I can see that this has been difficult for you. I'm sorry for my part in it and I want to make things right.
  • Thank you for telling me how you feel. I had no idea that my actions were having such a negative impact on you. I'm truly sorry and I'll try to do better in the future.
  • It sounds like you feel like I don't value your opinion. That wasn't my intention, and I'm sorry if that's how you feel. Can we talk about this more?
  • You're right, I shouldn't have said what I did. It was wrong and I apologize.