Remarking urgency of X

Remarking urgency of X messages are sent to remind people of the importance of X. For example, a message reminding people of the importance of voting might say, "Remarking urgency of Voting: Please remember to vote!”

  • We need to take action now! This is urgent!
  • Time is running out! We have to act fast!
  • This is a time-sensitive issue that needs to be addressed immediately!
  • This is an emergency! We need to act now!
  • This is a critical situation! We must act now!
  • This requires immediate attention!
  • This is urgent! Please act now!
  • Urgent action is needed now!
  • This is very urgent! Please take action immediately!
  • This is an extremely urgent matter! We must take action immediately!
  • Hey guys, let's move our asses! We've been lazy fucks lately.
  • Would you please hurry up? We don't have all day.