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Customer Support
Can I do anything else?
Can you be more specific?
Client unhappy with product/service
Fixing the issue
Following up
Following up, check in to see if your issue was resolved
Following up, You left us a message about… some time but no reply
Forwarding a question to the correct person
I don’t know the answer
I'll cancel your subscription
I'll transfer you to another representative
Moved to a new office
Office closed
Offline/Away from desk
Sorry for the delay/wait time
Thank you for contacting us
We cannot do that
We're sorry for…
We're still working on your case
We’re experiencing technical difficulties
Your (issue, ticket number) has been fixed
Sales & Marketing
Abandoned Cart Email Templates
Ask to rate the quality of service
Benefit from our current promotion
Business Announcement
Discount messages that encourages customers to act
Don’t forget to…
Here’s a discount code for you
How [Product-1] is better than [Product-2]
How do you politely reject a discount request?
How to Respond to Negative Reviews/Feedback
Irresistible Survey (Email subject lines templates)
Lead magnet delivery email template
Lead magnet follow-up email template
Lead magnet promotion email template
New Lead magnet available email template
Order cancellation messages to customers
Our prices are based on…
Product launch email template
Re-engagement email templates and messages
Review request email messages and templates
Segmentation trigger email template
Testimonial request email messages and templates
Thank You for Scheduling a demo
Thank You for your Positive feedback
Thank You for Your Purchase
We are processing your refund
We're always working to improve our shipping
Special Occasion
Anniversary wishes and messages
Announce Pregnancy to Children
Best Father's Day Messages
Best Husband Birthday Wishes
Best Mother’s Day Messages
Best Wife Birthday Wishes
I hope your doing well
I Miss You
New Home Messages
Wedding wishes and messages
What to Write in a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah Card
Project Management
We will begin to work on your project immediately
How to aggresively ask for payment of an invoice
How to politely ask for payment of an invoice
Thank You for Your Payment: Templates & Examples
Human Resources/Jobs
Candidate rejection
Communicate the promotion of a new colleague
Congratulate for your Promotion
Congratulation Messages For New Job
How to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation
How to decline a job offer
How to Respond to a Job Rejection
I am interested in working at your company
Open position announcement
Replies to “Congratulate for your promotion” (LinkedIn)
Thank you for applying but not hiring
Thank you for your application
We are reviewing your job application
You’re fired
Business partnership proposal examples
Declining business interest/partnership
Thank you for your business partnership proposal
Asking a question regarding work
Express Polite disagreement
Farewell message to coworkers
How do I notify that a task has been complete
How do you thank someone for sharing content?
How do you wish Happy Friday?
How to Respond to a Compliment
Messages to a departing coworker
Not my job/pay grade
Remarking urgency of X
Replies to conflict (apologies)
Replies to “It was like this before”
Replies to “Not my job/pay grade”
Retirement Messages
Scheduling a meeting
Sharing great content
Staying at home when sick/request medical leave
Text message to my boss making him feel special
What is a good message for out of office?
What to Say When Your Employee Makes a Mistake
Will do it later
Hard times
Eulogy message example
Feel empathy
What are some comforting words for hard times?
What to say to Someone Whose Cat has Died? Comforting Phrases
What to Say to Someone Whose Dog has Died? Comforting Phrases
What to say when someone dies
What to say when someone is sick - Get-well wishes
What to say when you are feeling lonely?
General Conversation
Alternatives to “How are you?”
How to end an email professionally
How To Reply to “How Are You?”
Stop saying “OK" - Alternatives
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